Alex & Sierra – 80′s Style Photoshop Edit

Alex & Sierra - 80's Style Photoshop Edit

Just a fun thing I threw together for this amazing couple, I am so looking forward to their album whenever it comes out! I will be waiting patiently because I know it will be worth the wait. Meanwhile I have a playlist of all their X-Factor performance songs on my phone that I listen to all the time, and have a couple songs set as my alarm clock. :) Love you guys, keep being beautiful and an amazing inspiration!

<3 Sultana

Jessica Meuse – The Crow & The Butterfly – Top 13

Now this is a much better performance than last week, you can really see her edgy-ness coming out. She has a great tone and style to her voice that makes me excited to see what she does every week. She can go from rock to country to rock and make it work, which is great about her! Can’t wait for next week, keep it up girl you deserve it!

Jessica Meuse – Rush Week

She is singing a beautifully sad song, which is one of my favorites. And I saw her do this cover just recently on youtube, so it was cool to see her perform it on the Idol stage as well. Though she looked a little uncomfortable during this, this was her first time performing live on tv, so it’s ok cause I know she can do better. Though this was still a very solid performance and I love her vocals!

Jessica Meuse – Audition

This girl was one my favorites, she looked unique and seemed like a great person. Then she sang her original song and it was very edgy and beautiful and she captured me as a fan. She has a lot of youtube covers as well which I will be posting, along with her weekly performances on the show!
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You go girl, you have the chops to win this thing, just keep being yourself, we love it!