Watch “Black Widow Cover by Karla Davis” on YouTube

Black Widow Cover by Karla Davis:

I know that I haven’t posted in a while, but have realized that I miss listening to and following all these wonderful little known musicians! So here is my favorite new song from Karla Davis, a beautiful cover of Black Widow! Her voice still surprises me as being so pure and real! She is definitely one of the most under-rated musicians that I know of! She needs to be on country radio like years ago!!

Anyways, enjoy!


Alex & Sierra – Acoustic “Scarecrow” Video

Thanks to Facebook recommending I watch this, I discovered a wonderful lesser known video that shows some behind the scenes into their lives!  This is just a beautiful song, and it works perfectly to have them singing across from each other on those mics.  They have sooo much chemistry it is just beautiful!  Love seeing the more personal side of them in this!

❤ S

Alex & Sierra – Official “Scarecrow” Music Video Sneak Peek!

Short but oh so sweet, I can’t wait to see the whole thing in 3 days!! They are amazing!!


Alex & Sierra – Today Show “Scarecrow” Debut!!


Yes Yes yes! Love them so much, this is their first televised debut since X-Factor!! Their song Scarecrow is out today and is at #35 on iTunes and climbing!!  I think everyone should go buy it now 😉  They are just an amazing adorable talented couple and I can’t wait to see them grow!!

Alex & Sierra – “Scarecrow” Lyric Video – First Single!


The official Lyric Video, filled with amazing cuteness and puppets!! It’s nice so we can see the lyrics ahead of time. This is a beautiful song that sounds like Alex & Sierra, I am glad they didn’t over produce their voices! I can see this song being a huge hit once it goes on radio!! So catchy and beautifully written. It melts my hearts to see something so amazing from them, it was definitely worth the wait! I know their album will not disappoint either! Also the REAL music video will come out later, which should be awesome as well!!

Enjoy, Lots of love,

Scarecrow Lyric Pic

Scarecrow Lyric Pic

Here is a part of the lyrics to Scarecrow, A&S’s single!!


And some pics from their music video shoot for their single:


Alex & Sierra Announce Single – “Scarecrow”

They posted a short video on Instagram stating their first single would be Scarecrow, and have been posting teaser pictures from the music video over the past few days. Here is one section of the lyrics!!

10154111_617555768330476_3185598435495019576_n 10245362_620158738070179_6030853264183503225_n

I can’t wait to hear what this will sound like, and what a unique name for a song!